dinsdag 14 juli 2009

How to debrand N97

How easy debranding of N95 and other devices was, how different this is for the N97. Just changing the product code and update firmware will end up your N97 to be non-responsive. And that's a bit of a shame for a 700 EUR phone.

But it's also a shame that you pay a lot of money and you don't get the latest bug fixes as your provider is too lazy!

So here we go! A tutorial on how to debrand the Nokia N97 and to get the latest firmware! Although I'm confident it's all working, please note it's all your own risk!

This one works for both bricked N97 which were updated by NSU and by still working phones on V10.

The following steps need to be done:

1) Check your version on your phone by pressing *#0000#
You will see your current softwareversion (currently probably 10.something and that's why you are on this page). The model probably is N97 and the type RM-505.

It is also important you have already installed the OVI-suite.

2) download the new firmware via Navifirm here

Run it (start-up takes a while, it retrieves data from the internet) and select the version that you want to download. Make sure that you know which firmware you want to download.
A list of all the product codes (and the ones which are already updated can be obtained here)

3) Store the files that you have downloaded in following folder:
C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-505

where RM-505 is equal to the code that you retrieved in step 1

You now have possession of the part that you need to upload to your phone!

To be able to flash this on your phone you need toinstall and get J(ust) A(nother) F(lasher) working

Download JAF version 1.92.62 here, and in order to get it working download OMG JAF PKEY Emulator v5: here

version 1.92.62 does not know the N97, so 1.92.64 can be downloaded. You don't need the .exe file just the .ini files. So download JAF version 1.92.64 here and only put the .ini files in the directory where you installed version 1.92.62

When this is done, open OMG JAP PKEY Emulator v5. After pressing go without changing any setting you should get JAF running.

You first get an error message that Box drivers are not installed. This is OK as you don't have a box. If you get a query regarding installing new drivers keep the ones you currently have (those you got when installing the OVI suite and they are perfect)

Press BB5, now we need to tell the programm where to get the new flash files.

First select: dead USB (even if your phone is still working)
Manual flash , factory set and normal mode.

If your phone is still working you can press .ini when it's connected. It will automatically know where your You can do this by connecting your phone and press: use ini, or when it's dead press the buttons MCU , PPM,CNT and APE one by one.

You should point them to your directory

MCU Flash file: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-505\RM-505_11.0.021_prd.core.C00
PPM Flash file: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-505\RM-505_11.0.021_prd.rofs2.V01
CNT Flash file: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-505\RM-505_11.0.021_C01_prd.rofs3.fpsx
APE Variant file: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-505\RM505_507_11.0.021_uda1_001.u da.fpsx

Also make sure you click the option: Change also product code and uncheck CRT 308.
Now make sure your phone is switched off and battery is in! Now take out the part that goes into your phone untill the program tells you to switch on your phone after you pressed FLASH.

When you press flash you first get an warning message to tell you you shoud never downgrade, when you click that away you should connect your phone afterwards.

Flashing will start and your phone will be on the new software!! Congratulations! All the extra heartbeats were worth it!